Calgary - A Great Place to Play Water Polo
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Thursday, 04 August 2011 23:44

Here's a few reasons why playing water polo is Calgary is an exceptional opportunity for you

Meet great athletes
- numerous accomplished water polo athletes, men and women, call Calgary home. Canada's National Men's team is based here.

Cool travel - meet players in your city and/or in international competitions. Experience life

World class coaching - key coaches with extensive international experience

A year-round indoor/outdoor sport. Talisman Centre is recognized world-wide as an outstanding facility. 

Intense workouts  & nice abs - Rated as one of the toughest sports mentally and physically.  It  has lower injury rates compared to many other team sports and all the fun.

Compliments other sports year round conditioning for seasonal sports  like baseball, football, rugby, golf.  Our athletes are active, fit, and prepared

Affordable - compare our fees to other sports at similar levels - you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Alison Braden a member of  Canada's National Team Nic Youngblud
Alison Braden; a former member of
Canada's National Team
Nic Youngblud; a former member
of Canada's National Team
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