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Event Location Date Team(s) Estimated Cost Post-Dated Cheque
Youth Western League Saskatoon Oct 20-21 U18 $200 Drive Friday after school Oct 1, 2012
WPC Identification camp Calgary Oct 25-28 born 1995 - 1998    
Western League / Sask Open Regina Nov 1-4 U18 & U16 $400 Bus Oct 15, 2012
Western League Calgary Nov 24-25 We host Sask $0  
Youth Western League Vancouver Dec 8-9 U18 Team $600 Nov 1, 2012
Holiday Cup Los Angeles Dec 20-23 U15 (98 and younger) $1000 Nov 1, 2012
Beginning of Competitive Phase
BC Open Surrey Jan 25, 26, 27 U16 U18 $650 Nov 1, 2012
California / Cal Baptist Tournament Los Angeles Feb 14-24 U14 U16 U18  $1700 Jan 1, 2013
AB Open Calgary March 14-17 U14 U16 U18 $100 Feb 1, 2013
Sr Nationals Saskatoon March 29-31 U18 and Seniors? $300 TBD
U18 Nationals  Calgary  Apr 18-22  U18 1 team  $100  Mar 1, 2013
Medicine Hat Dual meet Medicine Hat Apr-06 U18 parents to drive  
Medicine Hat Dual meet Medicine Hat May-04 U16 parents to drive  
U16 Nationals Ste Foy, QC May 9-12 U16 $1,200 Apr 1, 2013
U22 Nationals Gatineau, QC May 22-26 1 team $300 plus book won flights May 1, 2013

Tournaments & Costs 2012-13

The payment process for tournaments and travel is designed to reduce the financial burden on the volunteers that make the club travel arrangements and to ensure the club is able to meet financial obligations. Please read the following carefully so that you understand the process clearly.

  • Team assignments and travel/tournament commitments will be determined for each athlete at the individual coach/athlete/parent meetings to be held at the beginning of the season.  
  • The table below outlines the anticipated travel events and the estimated cost of each event.  The table also indicates when to post-date the cheque for each event – cheques will be cashed by the club on these dates.
  • A post-dated cheque for each event that the athlete has committed to attend, must be submitted to the treasurer by September 30, 2012; please indicate the event, team and athlete name on each cheque. Alternately athletes with a positive account balance must indicate to the treasurer, in writing, which events the funds are to be used for; please indicate event, team and athlete name.  
  • After the event the actual cost of the event will be billed to the athlete’s account.
  • If the actual cost of the event exceeds the estimate, the difference must be paid in full prior to the next event.
  • If the actual cost of the event is less than the estimate, the difference will be credited to the athlete’s account. Alternately the difference may be subtracted from the cost estimate of the next event – in this scenario the treasurer must be contacted and an updated post-dated cheque must be submitted for the next event.
  • If you cannot afford the cost of the full program outlined for your athlete as per the coach/athlete/parent meeting please contact the head coach, John Csikos, by September 30.  John will discuss what accommodations are possible with respect to tournament attendance.  Please be advised that changes to the program may affect the team assignment for your athlete.
  • If the outlined timeline for payment of travel expenses or registration fees is of concern, please contact the club president, Terri Hamlin, by September 30th.  Changes to the payment schedule are at the sole discretion of the board, and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • If your child is not able to attend a tournament, the head coach, team manager and treasurer must be informed as soon as possible. You are responsible for any costs incurred on your athlete’s behalf prior to notification.
  • You can work to reduce your travel obligations through Bingos.
  • The Renegades have an official Travel Policy. Please review it carefully.
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