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Bingo Coordinator - Suzana Curcija

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    Cell Phone:403-605-6969

Bingo Hall

The Grey Eagle Bingo Hall - 37th Street SW, on the Tsuu Tina Reserve. See Map


Important Information

 A minimum of 4 Bingo shifts are required for each athlete, additional bingos are optional, and, for every shift that you work at a Bingo, your athlete’s account will receive a credit.

Initially, the credit will be worth $75 per Bingo ‘shift’.  The Club expects the credit amount per bingo to be fairly stable, but will notify you immediately if the rate changes, and that will be for bingos from that date forward.  See below for the fine print


The Fine Print

  1.  For the 2012-2013 season the parents (or a qualified replacement) of each athlete is required to work for 4 bingo shifts.  A minimum of four shifts will fulfill an athlete’s bingo obligations. Funds raised through bingos are essential to financing the basic operations of the club.  Last year the club had difficulty staffing bingos and had to ask other clubs to help in meeting the required participant number.  This situation has necessitated the change to mandatory bingo participation.
  2. A Bingo ‘event’ is one shift.  Afternoon shifts begin at 10:45 a.m., Evening shifts begin at 4:15 pm, and Late shifts begin at 9:15 pm. You are expected to work a double shift if you start at 4:15 pm.
  3. The actual amount of the Bingo credit may vary depending on the profitability of the Bingos .  Based on the earnings history at the current casino, we expect to pay out $75 for each shift.  However, if the earnings change substantially, then the credit amount will also change from that point onward.  (We will advise the new amount, either more or less, and that will be applied to future bingos you work.  Members will be advised on the newsletter and website).
  4. In order for your child's account to receive the credit, it is critical that you sign in on the bingo hall's sign in sheet printing your name legibly so we can see who you are. If someone works on your behalf, ensure they put down both names (e.g.  Johnny Smith working for Terri Hamlin)
    • Chairpersons should e-mail or fax the sign-in sheet to Suzana next morning, detailing all workers, highlighting any worker who cannot easily be identified as a member of the Renegade Club.
  5. If you are a no show your account will be charged $75 for every shift you are scheduled to work that day. This applies even if you are sick, unfortunately.  No-shows cause the Club to receive fines and demerits from the hall, not to mention creating issues with Alberta Gaming.  If you can find a replacement, there is no fine to your account.  You must notify Suzana if you have found an alternate.
  6. Bingo Credits cannot be refunded to you as cash. At the end of the year, if you end up in a credit position as a result of bingo credits,that credit must be used against next year’s costs. If your athlete does not continue in water polo, the bingo credits will disappear
  7. Initially, the Bingo Coordinator will post the schedule and provide everyone with a fair opportunity to work a basic number of bingos.  Beyond that, you can work as many shifts as the Bingo Co-ordinator can find for you.
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